Joining gym to stop snoring

Snoring is a problem I deal with.

I remember my dad snoring so loudly that we could hear him through the walls.

As adults, all of my siblings snowre. This is not as much of a problem for me as it is for my wife. She threatened to sleep in separate rooms if I couldn’t resolve the issue. I don’t want to wear one of those masks with hoses called CPAP machines. I did some research on possible remedies for snoring. I realized that I need to get into better physical shape. I might be able to at least lessen the snoring by joining a gym and losing some weight. There is a possibility that I have a physical, medical concern with my septum or our nasal passages. I think the snoring is more likely caused by my poor health and wellness over the last few years. Although it runs in the family, only the family members who are overweight have health and wellness problems. I started slow at the gym. I began with some weight lifting and let myself spend some relaxation time in the sauna. I gradually started swimming laps in the pool. I’ve worked my way up to first walking and now running on the treadmill. I have found that I really like pedaling the stationary bike. I occasionally add in some time on the elliptical or rowing machine. I’ve gotten comfortable with the selection of aerobic and strength training machines. The next step is to try some group fitness classes. I’ve lost weight and significantly improved my health and physical fitness levels. I look and feel so much better. Joining the gym was definitely worthwhile. However, I still snore. Working out has not fixed the original problem.


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