It may be time to replace your water heater

There’s no doubt that when we get cold weather I’m always using the furnace more and the hot water more.

I love to take bubble baths after a long cold day in the snow.

Every weekend during the winter I am always on the mountains skiing or snowboarding. I spend about 8 hours on the mountain. I will break around lunchtime and go to the lodge and eat my packed lunch. Then I like to go home and make myself a nice warm cup of tea or hot chocolate while relaxing in a warm bubble bath. Not to mention my furnace is on full blast so my feet and hands unthaw from the cold. I realized that one weekend, coming back from a day on the mountain, I went to turn on my hot water for my bubble bath and it took forever for it to come out. I decided to skip the bubble bath for the night and try the next morning. I tried and there was still not hot enough water coming out. I decided to call my HVAC technician because he also provides plumbing services too. He told me that I needed to replace my hot water heater. He asked me how old it was and I told him that it was put in when the house was built around 12 years ago. He told me that it was definitely time for a replacement. After doing a few measurements and seeing if my furnace runs on oil or gas, he installed the right water heater for my home.

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