It can’t take ductwork installation

When I moved into our new home I thought I would be able to make a lot of alterations to it.

It was a fixer upper that required a lot of care and maintenance.

It is an older new home and a lot of things can’t be switched. I tried to change the layout of our powder room and I realized when I crawled underneath the house, that most of my ideas couldn’t be made due to how the new home was built. I couldn’t transfer around plumbing, electric or our fixtures. I also realized that our plan of having central Heating and A/C throughout the house wasn’t going to happen. I had a Heating and A/C corporation come over and he wasn’t happy when looking at our house. He said older homes don’t take HVAC duct updates absolutely well. The tear down and upgrade process is quite rough. He literally thought our new home might fall down if he attempted to put a HVAC duct in. The guy heavily told me to get a ductless heating and cooling idea. At first I was reluctant. I didn’t want to have a ton of things on our walls with a thermostat. I didn’t like the plan of every room having a temperature control device. I also didn’t like the upfront cost. I didn’t have several options so I went with the Heating and A/C professional’s idea. Now that I live with a ductless Heating and A/C unit, I just like it. I like that I can have A/C in the family room and not affect our family in the living room. I like that the Heating and A/C unit is out of the way. The wall mounted devices are really modern looking as well.


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