Is Hybrid Heating Better Than My Electric Heating?

My electric water heating system may be ready for the dump soon. How many hot water heaters have littered the dumps over the past 50 years? Imagine all of the old appliances that people have tossed away over the past half century, I bet you could pile them as high as Mount Everest, pretty sad isn’t it. I bet there are also a ton of old HVAC systems in the dumps which are just rusting and decaying when they may have been recycled somehow. I guess we are more into recycling old appliances than we used to be but we probably still have a long way to go. I am wondering if a hybrid system is more efficient for heating the water in my flat. I would love to have a solar system to do the job but I think it is a bit out of my budget. I may end up getting a tankless water heater and just get rid of this tank in my attic once and for all. I’ve had countless leaks over the years with the tanks and am ready for the next chapter in my water heating book. I am going to go to the heating and cooling business this week to see if they have anything in stock and what kind of price they are. I think I could get one for a few hundred bucks and have it installed by the HVAC crew the same day. I just don’t want to have to worry ever again about a hot water heater tank leaking.



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