I was having so much fun playing volleyball with those kids

I was playing a volleyball match with a bunch of adolescents this month on the beach. It’s fun being near their crazy energy, it helps recharge myself and others inside. I’ve been playing the darn sport for 29 years this past summer time and still love it and appreciate what these adolescents do. It’s even way more fun now because I have some skills that I didn’t have before so I can do a lot of different but cool tricks with the ball. I appreciate teaching adolescents how to play, especially when they truly seem interested in improving their game. Most of the time I just teach them for totally free when I’m out there. It can be really tepid in the summer time here and the best idea for cooling the body down is to jump in the ocean. I also appreciate going to go beach house and taking a warm shower then standing in front of my A/C vent and letting the frigid air blow on my bare skin. All of us have the best air conditioner in our flat, it truly blasts the frigid air out really quickly. It feels so unbelievable after a long day on the beach in the sunshine to just come to the very beach house and plop down on the sofa in a nice cool room. I always make sure to cleanse my air conditioner filter every month because it’s severely dusty on our street and a lot of it gets into our big home. I recognize normally you are supposed to scrub it once every several days however I tried that and it was too dirty each time I disconnected it. One month is best for dirty and dusty areas in the city.


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