I wanted to buy a case of HEPA air filters.

Last month, I was at the local Heating plus A/C house center.

I saw I could buy a case of HEPA air filters cheaply.

I had been reading how HEPA air filters could wipe your Heating plus A/C system much better than proper air filters. I wanted to keep my house as wipe as possible. After living through a year of fear because of the coronavirus, I wanted to finally think safe. I certainly would have had the HEPA air filters in my gas furnace & air conditioning unit a year ago, if I hadn’t been so afraid to have someone come into my home, or to go out. Now, I think crazy for being so naïve. Face masks helped, washing my hands helped, & social distancing helped. I was being paranoid, but so were so numerous other people in the world. Even with all my caution, my child still got Covid, but she is now fine. So, I was going to take precautions now, & hopefully I would not need to worry so much when the next wave of Covid came through. When I got to the Heating plus A/C house center, I told them what I wanted to buy. No 1 had ever hit me with so numerous questions. The sales lady asked me about the age of my gas furnace & what model I had? They wanted to think if I currently used HEPA air filters? They even wanted to think if I had talked to the Heating plus A/C business & if my Heating plus A/C component would be compatible with HEPA air filters? I walked out without the air filters.

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