I used to suppose ice fishing was stupid

It would allow him to stay out and fish through the holes that were cut inside

When both of us moved back to my wife’s hometown I had to adapt to long winters and learn how to care about them. At first I only thought about sledding, building snowmen, and even ice skating. Growing up in the south I never had a clue about all the other Wintertide activities that happen, however over the years I have l gained to care about hockey games, snowmobiling, and even skiing. There was a single thing that I constantly refused to participate in, ice fishing. The plan of resting out on a frozen lake and drilling a hole in the ice just to try and catch a fish seemed crazy to me… My wife was after me for years to go with him and I just declined. This year she booked a trip to the Great Lakes and said that she would be staying in an ice shack out on the lake. That made me definitely distraught because the plan of sleeping out there was horrifying. She showed me pictures of the inside of the shack and I noticed that they even had a oil furnace on the wall. What if it melted the ice? She said that the ice was over more than one feet thick and there was no way that would happen. The oil furnace was hanging on the wall and powered by propane. It would allow him to stay out and fish through the holes that were cut inside. It looked definitely cozy in there and I was almost tempted to go with him. Of course the shack also came with an outdoor outhouse so that made my choice easier Not to go.

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