I sincerely do not know what we would have done

I sincerely do not know what we would have done last weekend if it had not been for the yellow sweater extermination business that I called. We were supposed to be having a graduation gathering for our nephew at our house. We had at least 100 people coming, plus I was working actually hard on getting all of the decorations up in the backyard, but that is when I noticed that there were a whole lot of yellow sweaters flying around in our backyard… Usually there are no yellow sweaters back there, so that is why I noticed it. We usually do not have any bees in our yard at all. While I was back working on a single of the tents that was going to be covering up the food tables, I saw numerous odd yellow sweaters on a single of the tables. Then, on our way back to the house, I almost stepped on another yellow sweater. That’s when I started thinking that something might be wrong; I watched a single of the yellow sweaters for a while plus noticed that it was going into a tree near the back fence. As I kept seeing, I saw that more plus more yellow sweaters were going back there plus flying out of that same area. That’s when I realized that we had a yellow sweater infestation in our backyard! This was really not a good thing, since the gathering was going to be starting in just a few minutes, plus we were gonna have lots of little teenagers plus outdated people at our house… Not to mention, there were absolutely going to be some people there who were allergic to bees. I immediately called an emergency yellow sweater extermination business.


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