I really expected my brother to take care of his outdated A/C unit

Even though our sibling and I were raised within a few years of one another by the very same parents, both of us could not be any more different from one another.

Even though I care about music and played in the school band in middle school and high school, our sibling was an athlete instead.

While he drank and dated dozens of different girls, I was focused on our studies and only had a few long term friends. This didn’t bode well for him when middle school ended and he wasn’t athletic enough to continue a job spanning into high school and beyond. And without a scholarship, his chances of getting into school were minimal with his laughable grades. It’s the inevitable result of burning the wick at both ends at a young age when you really need to be planning for the inevitable future. I won’t lie and say that life was straight-forward for me moving forward, because it was both arduous and repetitive on most accounts. But I still tried to do our very best at being responsible with our possessions and our homes. My brother finally has a house after years of working for landscaping companies. He eventually managed to fry a cooling system at a place he was renting a few years ago, however it was updated as pursuant to his rental agreement. I warned him to adopt a sense of real responsibility once he was a homeowner, or he’d be spending many hundreds of dollars on a new Heating and Air Conditioning system. Blessedly, our sibling did not follow our advice and now he no longer has a well positioned and functioning cooling system in his home.


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