I negotiated a lower price on my house because it had an old HVAC system inside

My sister always wanted to become a real estate broker, but she failed her exam three times in a row and finally gave up trying.

It was never my intention to go into real estate at any capacity, but I fell into it after my wife’s father offered me a position at his company.

My job at the cereal factory was in danger because I had heard rumors about the plant eventually shutting down in the near future. I had the option to wait it out and risk losing my job inexplicably without any further warning, which would make it even harder to fall into a different job at a different company in time to earn enough cash to pay the bills for the month and not get thrown out onto the street. Therefore I am incredibly grateful towards my father-in-law for giving me the job that he did at the exact time he did as well, as that gesture saved me from financial ruin. Working in real estate isn’t half bad either. If you put in a lot of effort and get out to meet potential clients in person, you can make a decent living for yourself with enough home sales. Working in this industry has made me a lot more savvy when it comes to navigating the buying process of a home, even when it comes to my own personal home. For instance, I negotiated a lower price on my current house because it had an old HVAC system inside when I bought it. I knew that the a/c needed to be replaced right away so that was my focus above anything else. You have to factor that into the cost of the house and use that as a bargaining chip, especially if the age of the HVAC system is considerable.

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