I Need Some Energy Saving Tips for my Body

I used to have a ton of energy when I was younger, so much so that my dad would always tell me “you gotta learn to relax Davo”.

I was hyperactive and could not sit still for the life of me. Well, father time changed all of that and now I have learned the art of relaxing very well. My heat pump maintenance job keeps me on my toes while allowing me to work at my own pace. I go from home to home and service people’s HVAC systems, which allows me the freedom to work outside the office and meet new people. I also do installations sometimes when I am not working in the office. The HVAC company I work for has been in business for a long time and they treat me very well. I plan on working there for another twenty years till I reach 75 years old and then call it quits. I play music on the weekends for some of the local businesses and plan on doing that till the day I die. Music helps keep me young at heart and inspires me to create new sounds and songs all of the time. I like doing the home services work and appreciate the money they pay me, but music is in my heart and it is what really lights the fire inside of me still. I think I have the most energy when I am playing drums and singing in front of a fun and energetic group of people. Maybe music is the energy saving tip that I was looking for afterall.



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