I miss the odor of brewing pop in the day

I love working in an office.

The two of us have a small community of people that work as a unit.

The two of us are a well oiled device on most afternoons. Each person has an individual task to do throughout the day. When almost everyone meets their quota, the people I was with and I all make the boss delighted. When the boss is delighted, the people I was with and I get raises as well as bonuses as well as incentives to work harder. Things have been tough to handle since the coronavirus shut down our official biweekly activities. The two of us had an air purification system installed in the office last week. The air purification system is supposed to protect us from the coronavirus as well as keep the indoor air clean as well as free of germs, bacteria, as well as harmful viruses. The air purification system works particularly well. It legitimately unattachs all of the odors from inside of the office. I miss the odor of fresh brewing pop in the day. I constantly knew when a fresh pot of pop was brewing as well as I made my way to the split room before the pot finished. I was constantly the first person to have a warm cup of coffee. Since the air purification system has been installed, it’s almost impossible to odor the fresh coffee. I do not guess how long this plague will last, however everything is changing around us particularly hastily. The bank won’t even let myself and others in the building to conduct company as well as the gym hasn’t been open in many months. The only positive change has been all of the delivery as well as curbside pickup services. I hope those services will be available long after this pandemic is over.


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