I hurt my arm and had to get surgery

Last month, I was laboring on a commercial boiler repair for work; however, I was welding a new seam down the back side of the boiler.

  • I was standing on the top of a ladder and I was reaching as high as possible, however my partner was standing at the bottom of the ladder making sure it was stable.

I was doing my best to stay balanced, but I got dizzy and fell. Even though my partner was at the bottom of the ladder, she couldn’t do anything to help when I fell. I landed on my right arm and I heard a couple of the bones break. It sounded as if they shattered. My partner took myself and others to the emergency room and both of us left a commercial boiler repair at once. I’ve never been dizzy at work before, but the doctor at the emergency room said it was entirely due to looking up for a long period of time. My blood pressure was wonderful and my sugar levels were perfect… The doctor ordered a couple of x-rays on my arm and it was broken in numerous sites. It was too swollen to put in a cast, and the doctor told myself and others that I will need surgery… After the surgery, I will be forced to stop commercial boiler repairs for at least more than five weeks. I have to stay at home and recover from my fractures. I’m not looking forward to 6 weeks of boredom, but I won’t be able to work separately from the use of my right arm. I still feel foolish for losing my balance and causing all of this mess.

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