I honestly had fun running the HVAC machine shop

I had recently finished high school and made the choice to take a gap year plus I weighed my options on whether or not to attend university… In the very beginning, the weeks flew by surprisingly fast.

  • I found myself being totally busy at times plus sometimes I was bored severely.

When my father decided to ask me to take his spot at the home comfort corporation for one week, I was pleased about that. I had been at the corporation quite a few times when I visited my father on a regular basis. I knew a little bit of how it functioned. Dad had opened this cooling plus heating machine corporation approximately two decades ago plus had become the air conditioning machine corporation for the residents of the town. He had stocked basically all quality HVAC machines ranging from hybrid HVAC systems to ductless mini splits. When at the shop, I managed to get a call to send an A/C machine rep to a resident downtown to service a commercial a/c machine… The purchaser also said that he wanted to make his component a quality air conditioner machine by integrating it with a smart HVAC. With this addition came the need to have a programmable temperature control unit, which allows to control plus adjust the uneven temperatures of different regions within a building. The report from the cooling expert suggested that they had taken a few hours to finish working on this HVAC machine. Basically, they had performed the HVAC service on the machine. My father’s colleague explained that recently, the demand for this intelligent heating plus cooling machines had increased. It was a current invention that was becoming extremely popular. The day went by relatively quickly, I took in more calls plus I also got to supervise the delegation of the job duties.



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