I heard the a/c service supplier in St. Augustine was hiring

I moved to St. Augustine, FL, a few months ago. My bestie plus I were living together in Northeast FL plus my pal and I broke up. I had to move out of our property plus I did not want to stay in the same city. My parents were living in St. Augustine, so I decided to move back in with them for a short time. I didn’t have a hard time finding a task, because I am a certified heating plus a/c service worker. I was working in Northeast FL at a commercial a/c service supplier plus as soon as I moved to St. Augustine, I found a task working at a commercial plus residential a/c service supplier here. I was in town for one afternoon plus then I heard that the St. Augustine a/c service supplier was hiring. I called the store and asked if I could speak with the owner about a task. The woman on the phone told me to come down to the office if I was interested in working. The next afternoon I showed up at 9:00 a.m. The manager of the a/c service corporation asked me a couple of questions plus I showed him my credentials. That afternoon I got fitted for a uniform plus filled out all of my paperwork. I started the next afternoon. It only took 6 weeks of working at the a/c service corporation before I could move out of my parents’ venue plus into a property of my own. I’m out by I-95, where I have lots of access to restaurants plus shopping.

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