I had to work in a ticket booth during the summer with no air conditioning

Like many others, I had to work an odd assortment of jobs over the years when I dropped out of college with no plans in mind.

How can I justify my decision when it impacted me in a seriously tough sort of way? I know that life might have been easier on me if I had made the decision to finish out my degree instead, but at least I have finally reached the point of having my HVAC certification.

For two years though I worked as a ticket concierge at a nearby amusement park. This wasn’t the worst job for a while, especially since a lot of the guests were decent to me. Sometimes I even made tips if there were long lines and people saw me doing my absolute best to keep things moving at a quick pace. But there were definite disadvantages to the job beyond just the low pay and the crazy hours. The worst part was the seasonal weather. Unless I was lucky enough to be experiencing the few weeks of actual spring and autumn that grip this area, being outside working in a shack is miserable when it’s cold or hot outside. The winter isn’t the worst part about being a ticket attendant simply because my employer bought a high powered space heater to use at all hours of my shift. The summer is the absolute worst because my boss didn’t agree with the use of air conditioning. He always said that a fan and an open window were enough to stay comfortable. That might have worked if the building was put underneath natural shade, but it was in direct sunlight throughout the entire duration of the day.

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