I got a discount on an HVAC service plan with a customer referral

I’m coasting on two free months of my subscription based music streaming software because of customer referrals from friends who decided to start subscribing themselves.

I gave them my referral codes and we each got a free month of service as a result.

I love experiencing serious savings like this and getting great services for free that I would otherwise be forced to pay for. As more companies enter already crowded industries, they’ll go to great lengths to get new customers with offers and deals like those. Honestly, the heating and cooling industry is no different with the kinds of savings they offer with customer referral codes. I got a big discount on my HVAC service and maintenance plan by using a customer referral code that a neighbor in my HOA gave me. He was happy to oblige because he gets savings on his own service contract whenever he refers a new patient to his supplier’s company. They’re a great heating and cooling supplier because they care about their customers’ impressions with their services and will always go out of their way to resolve any issues on their end. Sometimes the best hiring practices will miss someone who slips between the cracks and gets hired despite having a poor attitude. The only time I had a bad experience with an HVAC tech, they offered me a refund on my bill and sent out a different HVAC technician the following day. This is a service on a level that I was never used to using my old heating and cooling supplier. Sometimes it really pays to participate in a customer referral program.


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