I decided to pay extra for a tankless water heater installation

Being a manager of a supermarket might mean higher pay than my subordinates, but it consists of constant stress and exhaustion.

The owners blame any issues that the store has on my leadership while the employees curse my name in private over decisions that were made with my consideration whatsoever.

It’s hard to be the fall-guy for literally everyone at this business, but they throw money at you to keep you complacent and ignorant of your rights and value as an employee. At this point I’m just biding my time until I can find a replacement job at a better supermarket chain that values their employees a lot more than my current employer. The only take-away at the moment is the holiday bonus I just received, which I’ll admit is about 10% higher than last year. With 2020 and 2021 being particularly difficult years for retail workers, it was nice getting a slightly higher bonus compensation for my troubles. I used some of the money to make an upgrade to my house with a new tankless hot water heater installation. If you get a gas-powered hot water heater, you can save a lot of money on heating the water in your house. As long as you’re okay with not having hot water in the event of a short power outage, then I can’t think of a reason to avoid getting a tankless setup if money isn’t an issue. When I asked the plumbing company why I would consider sticking with a tank hot water heater, they said that some people like having constant hot water if they’re showering and the power happens to go out for a few minutes for any reason.

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