I adore my high tech A/C system with a built in UV air purifier

I was so blessed that I didn’t struggle with any serious health problems as a kid.

My sister has the very same kidney disease as our father and she started getting constant kidney stones at the age of 15. When I finally had a sizable kidney stone for the first time a number of years later, I was stopped by the pain completely. I can’t imagine having pain like that on a frequent basis. It was so bad that I had to ask an acquaintance to drive me to the hospital as I couldn’t even step on the brake pedal without writhing in pain. Fortunately, this is only one of three times in our life where I’ve had a terrible kidney stone, and the other two times they were smaller stones that I got rid of on our own without help from the hospital. However, I have begun developing respiratory health problems as I get into our early 30s. I was fortunate for three decades to have minimal issues with our health, but now all of that is starting to change. Despite the added cost that I didn’t actually expect to incur, I had to add an UV air purifier to our home’s modern Heating and Air Conditioning idea to combat the allergens worsening our respiratory and sinus dust sensitivity symptoms. It collects a bunch of the dust and allergens that you wouldn’t want going through your high tech Heating and Air Conditioning idea anyway, so I manage to maintain both our air and our cooling system much cleaner with it installed. It’s like possessing a supplement UV air purifier plugged into a wall outlet, only it’s hardwired to your lake house and it can run constantly in tandem with your cooling system.

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