HVAC systems work is what he will be doing for the day

Jamie just got home from a swim in the chilly sea and finally got to enjoy a sizzling shower after months of chilly showers.

It felt so awesome to have some sizzling water on his skin after that chilly swim and now Jamie is ready to take on the afternoon. He told his friend to have her neighbor message him about a bonfire party tonight. It’s a bit bizarre asking her because Jamie liked her originally but she didn’t go for him. So he doesn’t know how she will feel about him asking for her number. HVAC systems work is what Jamie will be doing for the afternoon today but after that he has a bonfire party, or more like a fire in a fireplace party, and he wanted to see if she wanted to come along. They had a long walk the other afternoon and she told Jamie she was lonely, so he figured he’d invite her so she can make some new friends and have some fun with them all. They are all HVAC techs and heating suppliers and it would be cool if she came along and had some fun with us while Jamie watched the fire and sang music. He’ll bring his djembe drum and his bandmate will bring her guitar and they will sing music and drink a few beers while enjoying the fire. It is a local supplier that has the party and the fireplace is big so many people can see it. Jamie knows she will come along in the end.

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