HVAC Maintenance is Just Part of Life

Keeping the HVAC system clean and running well is a necessary component of my health regime because a lot of what we breathe in gets into our bloodstream.

It’s the same thing with food too, which is why I like to eat clean food which isn’t loaded with pesticides or chemicals.

The body can get overloaded with toxins if you aren’t careful and cause you to feel tired and foggy. You also need to put a lot of nutrients in to keep the machine strong and energetic. The same holds true for my HVAC equipment. It needs to be cleaned regularly and it needs to be maintained periodically to keep running at its maximum efficiency. I usually have the local HVAC company come out and clean my HVAC system twice a year, almost like going to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned. Everything in life requires care and attention if you wish for it to be in good operating condition. My HVAC rep told me about the importance of keeping the HVAC system clean and it really made sense to me so I got a service plan and stuck with it. I could have just skipped it but I am sure that I would probably be buying a new system soon because of its poor performance. I’ve learned a lot from the HVAC specialist and am happy that he works nearby and can help me when I have a question or when I have problems with my system. He’s been working there a long time and has a ton of knowledge about the industry.


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