Humidity levels here

My house was built nearly multiple hundred years ago and the hardwood floors, staircases, moldings and doors are all original.

I’ve spent countless hours stripping the paint off the wood, sanding and varnishing it.

I’ve also spent a fantastic deal of money purchasing antique furniture to suit the type of the home. I have amassed a priceless collection of tables, chairs, bed frames, dressers, desk and a Grandpa clock. In the section where I live, all of us experience every genre of weather extremes, but the winters are long and horribly cold while the summers are overheated and excessively humid. I have a central oil furnace and air conditioner system to manage year round temperature control. Unfortunately, the heating method creates problems with overly dry air and the air conditioner system isn’t designed to combat high humidity. I distraught that a lack of humidity in the Winter might cause my hardwood furnishings to dry out and crack. I was worried that too much moisture during the Summer could lead to the wood swelling and warping. To resolve these problems, I invested in both a humidifier and dehumidifier. The ability to regulate humidity levels not only protects the integrity of the apartment and furniture but has significantly improved comfort and reduced energy bills. In the winter, the regularly moisturized air feels warmer and allows for lower temperature control settings. In the winter, removing excess humidity lessens demands on the air conditioner system and shortens running times. I’m paying less every week and have reduced wear and tear on the oil furnace and air conditioner system. I expect both systems to last longer and succumb to fewer malfunctions.


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