How Much Lower is My LYT Stock Going to Fall?

I have some of the worst luck when it comes to stocks and this time was no different.

This stock LYT was at $47 a few days ago and plummeted the next day down to $8, so I bought 2000 shares thinking it couldn’t go any lower.

Well, it went lower. Now it is sitting at $4 and I have lost about $8000 more of the small amount of money I had left from losing most of it over the past five months. I really don’t care anymore. My job at the heating and cooling store is my only saving grace because I lost almost all of the $100K I got a few months ago and now will need a stable income to keep me afloat. I’m not alone with my losses as my HVAC tech friend told me he is down over 90% himself, which still doesn’t make me feel any better about throwing away so much money. Whatever, life goes on and I will just keep on pushing ahead in hopes of better days. I’ll maybe work a few more hours at the HVAC business to make up for some of the money I’ve tossed away, but as far as recouping the money I lost it will be a losing battle. The stock market has destroyed a lot of people lately and I know there are a lot of other sad souls just like me. I have a good working climate control system and a new flat to live in so I guess it could be worse. Way to go Dow Jones, atta boy.

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