How do they work on their house?

How do people out of shape work on their houses? I am renovating my house and I am amazed at how physical the jobs are.

I am constantly going up and down a ladder.

When I paint I am stretched up high in the air with my neck at a weird angle. Frequently I catch myself arching backwards to paint further. I basically am painting on a bridge. If the ladder wobbles or I lose balance, I just jump off and land on my feet. I gutted my bathroom and it was very physical. I was swinging, pulling and lifting heavy bags of cement to the curb. Even my arms and shoulders were sore and I lift weights everyday. I drain multiple bottles of water and sweat through my clothes. I don’t get injured or have soreness to the point where it affects my day though. I know that is because I work out. I do cardio, weight lifting and stretching every single day for an hour. I watch what I eat and I am built very well. So I can work on my house for hours everyday without any difficulty. How does someone out of shape do it? Can they paint their ceiling and gut a bathroom? If they do, they must be much slower than I am. I bet most people hire out those services. I can’t imagine how much money it would cost if you needed to hire painters, contractors and actual professionals to do work on the home. If I couldn’t easily paint a bedroom in my house I know I would start working out harder.

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