Heating up the Body for a Swim in Ice Cold Waters

I went for a swim this morning to wake my body up before teaching kids online at noon.

I swim to supercharge my brain and wake up my body so I can be alert for these little monsters full of energy.

It’s amazing how much energy kids have compared to how little we adults have left in the tank. Before I jump in the cold waters, I take a fast run for a few minutes with a heavy coat on so I get my body temperature up really high, it makes the cold plunge more tolerable. The cold water works well! As soon as I finish my cold swim I put on my warm clothes and run over to this restaurant to sit in front of their furnace. They have a wood burning furnace along with central heat and air to keep the large place nice and warm for us patrons. I stayed in the water for 15 minutes the other day and ended up shivering for about two hours in my house. I like to do about seven minutes in the cold water then come home and heat up my body so I’m sweating. My trusty space heater and a nice gentle hot water bath for my feet heats me up quite quickly and comfortably. One other way to get warm quickly after the cold swim is to teach a five year old kid online for 25 minutes. I think sitting in front of a warm furnace would be much easier but it most likely isn’t as much fun.

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