Heating and cooling repair still needs to be done

The winter season is rolling into spring and soon summer time will be here.

Life is just one massive wave and we are all riding it together.

We are learning to delight in the moment a bit more and not be so fearful all the time. They say that the measure of your life is the measure of your courage and we are learning to be a bit more courageous in life and take risks. We don’t want to be old one afternoon and regret not living life, so while we are still fairly young we are giving it our best shot. Heating and cooling repair still needs to be done each afternoon for the local supplier we work for, but there are many chances to take risks. We are trying to learn to do that so that we can live a better life with more fun and adventures. We are sure there are many elderly people regretting the chances they could have taken but didn’t, and we are trying our best not to become one of them. This heating rep friend of ours told us that she was in a home one afternoon doing an HVAC system test and talked to an elderly couple there. The hubby had all these regrets of things he wished he did but never had the guts to do. There is a great book about the top five regrets of the dying and it is worth looking at if you haven’t learned it before. Our HVAC boss gave us the book years ago and it changed our lives.

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