He just wanted to install his own ductless mini split

Most often, when I ask my partner what he wants for his anniversary or a Father’s Day gift, he never has an answer in the least.

It genuinely is a good thing I’m always excellent about picking up on his wants plus needs plus I always have a gift idea for him.

This year however, my partner approached me plus told me that he already knew precisely what he wanted. For fathers day, he wanted a ductless mini split HVAC system… According to him, he thought he’d be able to install the HVAC equipment if I simply ordered the ductless mini split system to have sent to the residence. I honestly had to ask him to repeat what he wanted multiple times because I’d never heard of a ductless mini split system before. At first, I thought it was a new gaming system of some sort. The ductless mini split system was really a heating plus air system that was affixed to the wall via electric! Our primary bedroom was regularly hotter than the rest of the residence plus my partner tended to rest on the hot side at night, so this would probably help. I asked him if he had a particular model in mind, which he did, so he wrote it down for me. I’m really glad I was able to order the ductless mini split system that he wanted online plus it wouldn’t take truly long to ship. I even was lucky because the corporation I ordered from was offering a fathers day special to anyone who ordered within the upcoming 24 hours! Now I’m wondering if he already knew about the discount plus that’s why he decided to tell me about it when he did.


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