Getting a service plan

I hardly notice the added cost in our year long budget

With all our strange building projects going on it is hard to keep up with things around the house. It seems like I am always gutting a room and working all afternoon on it. Small things like the plants, watering the flowers, trimming hedges and making dinner seemed to get forgotten, but for a while I kept thinking I would finish all our projects and get back on track. Now, I have now come to the conclusion that I like fixing up our new home and won’t even finish our projects. I have an alarm on my iphone to do garbage and cleaning. I have meal delivery put in most of the time. For service appointments like with the Heating and A/C system, I am on an annual service plan, and the Heating and A/C corporation is the one to call me. They set the date, time and just show up. They don’t need me to babysit and the bill is sent via SMS. I then can spend our savings fast and be done with it. Having an annual service agreement means our unit is in the best possible shape. I hardly ever spent my savings for a Heating and A/C repair now that I have proper repair on it; My unit no longer makes terrible noises, smells strange or makes our air quality feel gross. I hardly notice the added cost in our year long budget. The best part though is no longer worrying about it. I don’t need to be concerned and wonder if I won’t have a working gas furnace in the winter. I never have a possible repair that I keep forgetting to call on! Everyone should do proper service.

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