French furniture is hard to get, so I got it made

I am a big fan of France.

I love the language, food and culture.

I especially love the look of French furniture and fabrics. The problem is getting the look in an American home. I have tried buying French furniture online and it is always a cheap knock off. The material doesn’t hold up overtime and fabrics rip easily. I finally have figured out how to get a French provincial manor theme in my home. I had to call an interior designer and custom furniture place. The interior designer helped pick the fabrics and look of the home. Together we found throw pillows, curtains and rugs that went together. She then worked with the custom furniture builder on how the end tables, bed frame and kitchen table should look. The interior designer was great, she really knew what I wanted. She was on the builder right down to the type of paint and stain was on the furniture. There is a specific shape that reflects French Furniture. There is a lot of sweeping arches and pointed tops when it comes to chairs and dressers. The custom furniture maker would design it on paper for us to see first. Then the designer and I would discuss color, sign off on it and he would make it. Each furniture piece has been made by hand slowly and then added to the home. My house started bland and blank. Overtime it has become a French provincial manor. I am so happy with how it is coming along. Anyone that wants a theme or a piece done the way they want it should call the company I worked with.


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