Far too sizzling to have thrilling times outdoors

I just didn’t realize how sizzling it is in the South when I planned our family trip.

The bunch of us went to the huge rodent-based theme park down there & had a 5 day pass.

It was extremely hot, humid, & uncomfortable. To make matters worse, the lines for the rides were extremely long. The first few days I managed to get through it with the kids however was entirely grateful for the a/c in the little gift shops & restaurants that were spread throughout the park. I could easily feel the cooling air from the buildings as I strolled by. On occasion, I went into the shops & looked around just to cool off for a little while… At the end of every day, I was cheerful to get back to our hotel room & relax with the a/c the people I was with and I consistently left blasting in there. On day three, I completely had enough & I left my fiance with the kids while I was able to relax in a single one of the many air conditioned restaurants in the theme park with the excellent temperature control. Of course, I knew the people I was with and I would switch places on day four. I had to sit out in the brutal heat with the kids once more. On the final day, I didn’t even leave the cool hotel room with the perfect temperature control settings. I sent my fiance out while I enjoyed the air conditioned room & studied all day. It was appealing. The kids never seemed to notice the extreme heat & they had a really fabulous time. I am glad the people I was with and I were able to go on this trip although I wish I had arranged to have it at a cooler time of the year.

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