Enjoying Some Good Air Quality in This Town

I feel like I can really breathe again after moving to this coastal town and getting away from the big city I was living in before for five years.

I really liked the big city life when I first moved there, feeling energized and chasing the lights of the stage with my comedy career. But after a few years I got tired of the pollution and constant noise on the streets and decided to escape the city and move to a smaller and quieter place. This town is the best, and I have a local business which keeps me busy selling HVAC equipment and helping customers with their needs. I have a lot of free time to hang out with my friends and have fun while still feeling productive enough with my work at the HVAC company. I work there about 20 hours a week and it is just enough to pay my living expenses and rent for my nice big flat in the city center. I plan to keep this workload for as long as possible and just enjoy the time I have left on this planet. I sometimes do HVAC service calls for the company and it helps keep me connected with the community while also helping me learn their language. I will have to go back to the states in four months though to stay connected with my family and friends there but this place is where I call my home now. I work for the local contractor when I go back to visit the states to help pay for my trip.

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