Drowsy and Ready for a Good Nap to Recharge Me

It’s the middle of a summer day and there is nothing going on outside except a bunch of people baking their skin on the beaches.

It’s time for a siesta so that I will have energy later to play some games on the beach.

The sun is just way too hot right now and the rays are too intense for my skin, so I am going to hang out in my climate controlled flat and just relax for a couple more hours. I may do some meditation to try and remove this negative energy I’ve been feeling lately. I think having my air conditioning not working for a couple weeks recently put me in a bad mood because I was hardly sleeping at all each night. I bet I slept an average of about three hours a night over the past few weeks and it just set me in a bad mood each day. Sleep is extremely important for both health and happiness and not having a working HVAC system in the middle of the summer is a recipe for disaster in the happiness department. I now have it working and am sleeping better but I think I need to do some reprogramming of my mind to get me back to feeling better. I have a good meditation cd to listen to in times like this that my HVAC rep gave me a while back. He does a lot of NLP therapy for people and is really good at what he does. His cd has helped me a lot in times of difficulty.



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