Dealing with injury

I workout every single day without fail.

My exercise regiment is extremely strenuous, and I constantly push myself to increase strength, stamina and flexibility.

It’s important to me to keep in peak physical condition. I want to maintain a healthy weight and remain active as I grow older. Because of the intensity of my workouts and physically challenging hobbies, I’ve suffered my share of injuries. I twisted an ankle when rock climbing and broke an arm from a rollerblading accident. I hurt my knee while skiing and strained muscles from weight lifting. I frequently suffer from soreness in my various joints and muscles. The most painful injury I’ve ever dealt with was tearing my psoas muscle. The psoas muscle is located in the lower back and extends through the pelvis to the femur. It’s responsible for flexing the hip joint and lifting the upper leg. The initial pain was so severe that I cried and debated heading to the emergency room. I wasn’t sure what was wrong or how I’d managed to so badly hurt myself. I had to google to figure out why the pain extended all the way from my spine down to my knee. I struggled to even walk. Sitting was excruciating, and I couldn’t go up or down the stairs. I had difficulty sleeping at night. The healing process was slow and frustrating. My workouts were limited to strictly working my arms. It took a really long time before I could ease back into normal exercise. Part of the problem was that I kept attempting to use the leg before it was fully healed.

Semi-private fitness training

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