College roomate appreciates a lot of heat

I am so ready for school to be over, but i left the school life but I am just ready to transfer on with my life.

thankfully, I am a senior and I shall be graduating this year; Of course, I kept the worst classes for the end; That means this year has been very tough, but I shall get through it, and just appreciate I got through the first few years of school when I lived in the dorms.

I hated that. I never got any privacy and my roommates were always so loud and I was constantly weary from lack of sleep, but finally, this fall, myself and others and some of my buddies decided to rent a venue, and now, every one of us have our own space and I can finally get some sleep… My buddies and I get along rather well but every one of us do argue periodically about the temperature of our little venue. One of them, Teshia, prefers to keep the house around 69 degrees year-round. She seems to know this is a normal temperature. To top it off, she’s always turning the temperature control up even higher if he feels even the slightest chill. I guess my other buddies also don’t appreciate it this hot. Besides, we’re going to have to spend my savings the power bill later. I know every one of us all need to talk to Teshia or, maybe every one of us should just buy his a space gas furnace for his room only. I guess this is something every one of us will be able to work through though. There has to be a way for everyone to be comfortable and excited in our little venue; After all, anything beats residing in the dorms.

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