Can’t get my husband to work out

I frequently try to get my husband to work out.

He is naturally built quite well.

His leg muscles look defined, his arms are toned and he has a nice shape. Really the only area that you would point to is his belly. He has a bit of a soft belly since he enjoys beer and sugary snacks. I bet my husband would be built fantastic if he would work out even 30 minutes everyday. I want him to work out for health purposes though. He sits at a computer for work from 9-5. All of his hobbies are sitting related to. He likes hunting for rental properties, playing minecraft or online poker. That means he only gets up to eat, use the bathroom or sleep. I have tried to encourage physical activity in his life and he is hesitant. We bought a bike and I frequently go on a three mile ride. My husband’s bike just collects dust and spider webs. I bought us kayaks since we sit right on a body of water. I frequently take my little speaker and kayak to music. My husband only used the kayak one time. I really need to find the workout that works best for him. It doesn’t seem to matter if I have the equipment or not. I have been thinking about a gym membership for him. Maybe it would help if he signed up for personal training or a group fitness class. That way my husband would be held accountable on a day and time. I am hoping he won’t leave anybody waiting for him.


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