Any chimney top should have a raised cap

I love walking my dog.

  • I walked him about every evening after dinner.

It’’s like clockwork with him. He knows when I’m doing the dishes and putting them away, he knows when it’s almost time to go. He will whine and beg and sit in front of the closet that holds his leash. He’s a very smart dog and he also knows that after every walk he gets a small treat. Once we get home he sits in front of the same closet waiting for it. We walk for about a mile and then turn back home. Yesterday as we were walking I was admiring all of the old architecture on the houses in my neighborhood. I saw that some chimney’s were different and unique. Looking at the chimneys reminded me that I needed to contact my HVAC provider to come and look at my chimney. My HVAC technician doesn’t just work on heating and cooling, but the company also works on chimneys. I like them to inspect and clean my chimney before I start using my fireplace almost everyday during the winter. The one thing that my technician stresses is that any chimney top or flue should vent should have a raised cap to prevent water from entering. This prevents animals from entering and water can cause some serious damage. The water over time can make the mortar loose or the metal chimney stack corrode. Not to mention flue gases and carbon monoxide can enter my home, leaving serious health risks. Call your HVAC technician today to have him inspect and clean your fireplace so it’s safe to use.


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