Air filters make a serious impact on one’s home

I am semi allergic to cats but I still have them.

I have about two cats living with me in my home. I like to let them go outside sometimes because they enjoy it out there and I have a little cat play thing that they go on. Plus that I think it helps with my allergies from not having them in my home 24/7. Because I have really bad days with my allergies, I make sure that I clean my home. I will dust, vacuum and disinfect the surfaces in my home. I make sure that I change my air filter on my HVAC system consistently. One of the most important things that I was told by my HVAC provider, that I can do for my HVAC system, is to clean and replace the air filter each month. I have the electrostatic filter because it is the best and one of the most high quality filters that are sold. When I’m changing the air filter I make sure that my unit is off. This is because you do not want to run the unit while the filter is being removed. If the filter isn’t too bad one month I will just wash it and let the filter completely dry before I put it back in the HVAC system. By cleaning my air filter every month I know that there is a significant amount of difference in the air quality in my home. When I’ve changed my air filter, my HVAC technician also recommends that I take a look at my outdoor condenser fan and clean the fan blades and coils of any debris.
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