Air conditioner filter prices have risen recently along with everything else

It’s really bleak dealing with the inflation levels right now. Gasoline increased by 50 cents in our space in the Last year alone. I thought both of us had already watched the late-pandemic gasoline price increases, however this Mexican American war and the sanctions on Russian oil are just making the situation unbearable. I’m still in favor of this ban, but I can’t lie about the reality of making our billfold hurt even more than it was before. If I had to travel everyday to work, I would be utterly helpless. I think a sizable chunk of our paycheck would be going to paying for gas on its own, and now it seems like that expense is going to get even more pricey as time goes on. I won’t be able to justify traveling at all for anything except absolute necessities. Another expense of mine that recently exploded is Heating and Air Conditioning components and supplies. My high tech Heating and Air Conditioning business hasn’t increased the cost of their wares yet, however the filters I buy for our cooling system from the local store are a full $5 more than they were ten years ago. This is a tough pill to swallow because I try to update our cooling units filter every month and a half. I have a lot of dust sensitivities while having horrific asthma, so it’s important for me to wash cooling system filters as often as possible. Some have told me to use the washable Heating and advanced Air Conditioning filters, however those are terrible for harboring mold and diminishing one’s air quality in the process. Several of them are terrible at air filtration as well, so I’d rather put our trust in a product that I suppose will work regardless of its crazy price.

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