A new job

Since I have had trouble with my health for the last few years, I have not been able to work a regular task appreciate all the people else, however some days, I can be the hardest worker that you have ever seen, and other days, I have to stay in my house, turn the heating system on, and relax for a little bit.

  • So, when I am able to work, I have to mainly do odd tasks to get myself by! There are a lot of things that you cannot do without a certification, but as long as it is under the table, you don’t usually have to worry about it, however most of my currency from odd tasks come from doing work on Heating & Air Conditioning units, however i am always amazed by how numerous air conditionings cut down in the summer.

I am amazed by how numerous of my friends would rather throw away their window air conditioning and purchase a brand new one whenever their Heating & Air Conditioning unit starts acting funny. I often offer to fix their window air conditioning for them for an affordable price, and I have never been turned down, then occasionally, people ask me to install central air conditionings, and they let me keep their seasoned window air conditionings for no cost! I sell these window air conditionings when I am not feeling well enough to work, and this is how I deliver for my family, and however, I gain most of my currency in the Wintertide by fixing oil furnaces, furnaces fall apart in the winter, and by offering cheaper prices than the Heating & Air Conditioning professionals, I can make a fortune.

furnace/heater repair

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