A lot of people think it is okay to continually run the HVAC unit

It is not unusual for people to wonder if it is okay for their furnace fan to run continuously in “on” mode, and whether there are any benefits to doing this, or if it can cause any harm to their system.

It is advisable for you to read on to learn whether you may want to consider running your oil furnace fan continuously, and what considerations you should keep in mind before taking this step, a regular question people have is “should I run our oil furnace fan continuously?” The main benefit of running the oil furnace fan continuously is that you will have a better circulation of your home’s heated or cooled air.

The majority of homeowners with greater homes or multi-story homes will experience this effect more than those with smaller or one-story homes. There is a natural tendency for the upper levels of your home to be warmer and the lower levels to be cooler because heat rises. If you run your fan continuously, you will achieve an even temperature throughout your entire house! By putting your control unit on “fan on” mode, you’ll be able to reduce the temperature by pulling some of the overheated air back down the stairs while at the same time pushing some of the cooler air from the lower levels up into the upper floors through the HVAC duct. In the summer months, if you have a one-story home, you can still benefit from running your oil furnace fan continuously as it will keep your home at a constant temperature and prevent you from having hotspots or cold spots. Saving you from running it continuously in the winter weeks. There is also another benefit for those who suffer from dust irritations, asthma, or any other respiratory issues, or if they have family members who suffer from these conditions. The upgrade of a whole-house air purifier is an appealing plan for these types of homes, and the quality of the air will be greatly improved by the continuous operation of the oil furnace.

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