A furnace tune-up consists of…

When it comes to repairing things in my home I’ll leave it up to the professionals.

Most the time I’ll call my dad just so I don’t have to pay a service fee or I’ll call my next door neighbor. There was one time that I tried to fix the lighting fixture on my ceiling fan and I almost broke it. You could say that I’m a pretty clumsy person and I’m not very knowledgeable of fixing things around the house. So far I have called an electrician, a plumber, and an HVAC technician. An electrician came to help me with my circuit breaker. My plumber helped me with the back of sewage that I had in my house. And my HVAC technician showed me how to tune up my furnace. He was very helpful and showed me what he was doing throughout the whole tune-up process. In the beginning he was checking the operation of the burner and inspecting the heat exchanger. He cleaned the blower operation because he said it looked a little dirty. He checked the fan belt, the condensate drain, and inspected the wiring for any cracks or loose connections. The HVAC technician was very knowledgeable. I expected nothing less from him because he is part of a great HVAC company that is very well known around the area. I was very pleased when he brought up safety concerns. He checked for carbon monoxide near my furnace and throughout the house by using a tool. I’ve been with the same company for three years now and I haven’t had a problem with my furnace.


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