A couch made for a tall family

Everyone in my family is over several feet tall, being a large family does have its advantages; In the airport, I can typically find everyone based on the noggin sticking up above the crowd, but all of us are able to use the total cabinet space since every one of us can reach it, and the main issue with our height is getting furniture however.

A regular couch is just not large enough.

The depth is truly the biggest problem! Our ankles hang off the couch making it truly uncomfortable. The actual couch is too low to the ground, putting stress on our knees. Secondly, fitting a few of us on a regular couch is not truly possible. My spouse cannot lay the length of the couch either due to his height… For a long time I just let my family suffer. Once our sofa was done for I decided to search around online for larger models. I found a custom furniture shop that was willing to make a custom couch from the barebones. The builder was extremely nice plus efficient, and she wanted the right measurements for everything. I gave the builder the height of the couch, how deep it should be plus how long every one of us hoped for it. The price for buying custom made pieces is much larger than buying in store. But truthfully, getting a furniture piece that is particularly good is worth its weight in silver. The finished couch was so perfect that I right away called the custom builder up again to get a loveseat made for the living area as well.

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