A/C company running low on stock

I had just been promoted to head of logistics and products at the cooling business only to find out that I was running low on stock and the supplier had not budgeted for any modern stock.

I managed to get half the funding to restock the several cooling providers I had scattered all around the city. I needed to show our bosses that I was capable and entirely qualified to take up that position. In a conversation with one of our friends who is a cooling specialist down at the local service provider, I found out that the industry was happy about the modern tech that was taking over the cooling unit making them more efficient and capable of helping with indoor comfort. I did a deep dive on the weird heating as well as A/C companies that were dealing in the modern cooling technology plus blessedly I got one that was willing to sell to us at a discounted price, and this meant that our inventory would be decorated with electric heat pumps and temperature control devices that had the modern tech. Our heating as well as A/C business would do even more heating as well as A/C replacements and efficiently execute quality AC services. This deal allowed us to use the monies assigned and have a few dollars to spare. The bosses were so impressed plus shortly after that our act was used as a case study for training purposes. The new tech also had us nominated as one of the pioneers of the inclusion of AI in the industry. We understood that it meant no work for the several cooling servicemens in the field. After the deal, I decided to go out to celebrate, and let us just say, I do not remember a lot about that evening.

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