We were having fun at ZooTampa

Whenever I take my kids anywhere and I give them a choice and they always choose to go to ZooTampa at Lowry Park in Tampa, Florida.

Sometimes it is really difficult to find someplace to go that is interesting for both children and adults. We found a few places to go but my kids and I really like going to ZooTampa the best. When the zoo first originated back in 1957, it was so much different. Then, in 1974, ZooTamp thought it was a good idea to open a small roller coaster. It isn’t surprising that the roller coaster didn’t last very long. There was a lot of bad press and many people thought they were neglecting the animals. The investors were soon forced to rethink the opening of this side of ZooTampa, since it wasn’t possible to keep up with renovations to the coaster, and to keep the animals safe. One of my favorite displays is the Asian Garden. It is also one of the oldest parts in the zoo. I also love the Komodo dragons display, but my kids like watching the sloth bears and the rhinoceros. One of the newest displays and one of the nicest, is the Safari Africa exhibit. There is something about seeing the elephants, giraffes, and zebras roaming free. When you go to ZooTampa, it can’t be complete without taking a ride on the Roaring Springs. There is nothing better than a refreshing long flume ride on a hot summer afternoon. ZooTampa is a great way to spend a day, for both the adults and the children.

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