We finally found some indoor air comfort in our own place

Life can be less challenging when you honestly don’t have to complain about health problems.

This is certainly an issue that every one of us have had to deal with on more than one occasion.

It’s not more than one problem that every one of us can’t handle, so we certainly try our best not to complain about it much at all. There are surely a lot of people who have it much worse than any of us and that certainly is one reason to keep from complaining. The dust sensitivities not everyone of us suffer through come from more than one seasonal allergen. These allergens appear throughout the year on more than one occasion, due to the fact that we have such a warm tropical climate. I am often dealing with allergy issues and it has certainly gotten worse. More than one of us felt it necessary to call a doctor and schedule an appointment to evaluate these allergy issues. That nurse practitioner immediately asked if we had an air purifier. Of course we did not even know that an air purifier would help tell that nurse told us that it would be a blessing. Now the two of us certainly have more than one air purifier set up in our apartment. Between the AC and heating plan and 3 air purifiers, every one of us are certainly feeling much better these days. The doctor spoke with us about some discounts on a whole home air purifier, but the two of us are already breathing good enough using the smaller portable cleaners.

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