Want to add a humidifier

I need to add a humidifier to my home.

  • My smart thermostat has the handy capability of telling me the humidity levels in my home.

Now I don’t know what a good humidity level is, but I would think 28% is bad. My lips are constantly chapped and I am slathering lotion all over my hands and feet. I have avoided certain fabrics because of static cling. I basically keep my hair in a knot because I hate that static feeling around my head. My wood furniture and electronics are on borrowed time. When the indoor air quality is too dry, the wood can split and the electronics can fry. I know adding a humidifier will solve all these issues and make the home feel warmer. More moisture in the air adds to the heat. I could save on my energy bills too. The problem is I can’t find a humidifier that I like. There are either little, stylish humidifiers that are only capable of a single room. Then there are the whole home humidifiers that are giant ugly white boxes that take up space. Those units have terrible reviews and people complaining about the constant maintenance with them. What I really need is to get a humidifier that installs right into my heating and cooling machine. That means involving my HVAC company and paying more though. Winter is almost over, so maybe I can get by being a static mess a little longer. I don’t think a humidifier will ever be something I regret though. Once it is installed in the HVAC, I won’t even see if anymore either. It will be a one time expense that will fix a lot of things.


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