Trying to reduce heating bills

Living in the northeastern part of the country, the winter weather lingers for anywhere from six to eight months.

The heating system is especially important. I’ve spent a ton of money on a state-of-the art furnace and regular maintenance for it every year. Despite choosing a high efficiency model, I’m never happy with my heating bills. I am always looking for ways to trim costs. I make sure to change the air filter every month. I’ve enrolled in a service program with a local HVAC company. Every fall, they send a licensed technician to the house to take the heating system apart. He cleans all the components, makes adjustments and troubleshoots. If there’s any worn or broken parts, the technician fixes or replaces them. Because of this service, the heating system operates more reliably and efficiently. I don’t get stuck paying for needless repairs. Plus, professional maintenance fulfills the requirements of the warranty. I’ve also gone around and tightened up the house to eliminate waste. I’ve caulked, weatherstripped and insulated to prevent the heated air from leaking out and cold outside from coming in. I’ve installed new Energy Star rated windows and ceiling fans. Just recently I upgraded to a smart thermostat. The thermostat automatically makes adjustments according to my family’s schedule. It actively works to conserve energy when the house is empty and welcomes us home to ideal comfort. The thermostat sends reminders to change filters, tracks our energy usage and even provides energy saving tips. For all my efforts, I still complain over the amount of the gas bill every month.

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