This problem isn’t going away soon

I’m somewhat certain that there is something wrong with our heating system, however it only seems to affect our home office most of the time, but i think if it only occured while in the Wintertide when the rapidly increasing temperatures outside are really strange then it would very be okay.

  • I guess that it would even save myself and others some money on our heating bills while in the Wintertide time, but currently as it is, even when the weather outside isn’t that cold in addition to I barely turn the thermostat up at all, the heating plan goes way overboard.

If the thermostat is turned up to around 73 degrees or so, that would be plenty warm enough for me while in the winter, however, the heating plan seems to heat our home office up to ninety degrees for no reason at all. I occasionally have to crank open up the windows in our room just so I can breathe in the wintertime. It’s really starting to tick me off due to the fact that I have to continue to spend our savings on heating bills for the rest of the beach house but I have to open up the windows! At this point in time, I have a feeling that I should be able to close off all the heating vents throughout the rest of the beach house completely. With all the heating vents closed, I can open up the door to our home office and all of the heating from our room could just blow out in addition to warm up the rest of the house. I’m just kidding, but I think I’m going to have to call our local Heating and Air Conditioning company to see what they guess might be the complication with the overheating problems in our room.



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