There was clearly something wrong if my boiler quit working so hastily

I actually benefit having a brother who works in construction.

He managed to get me one of the most reputable contractors in the state when I wanted to build a new residence last year.

Building a home from scratch is no easy process. Instead of working with an outside architect, I went with my brother’s suggested building contractor plus looked at a good amount of home models they had on display at their office. All I had to do was look at the various options plus choose something I really loved. If I managed to locate aspects of a single model that I liked with another, I could actually specify what features I wanted to create a hybrid model. In the end, this is pretty much how I proceeded with designing our residence before construction started. Since the plot of land I ended up buying is in a rural area, I had to call a contractor to dig a well for water access. Because we’re 20 feet above sea level, that’s easily how far into the earth the well drillers had to go. This portion was worked on while the residence builders were still doing work finishing the house. I had to get a hold of a heating plus cooling contractor to install a gas heating machine plus A/C machine. They talked me into buying a gas powered boiler for our residence instead, arguing that it’s a much better form of heating than fan-forced gas furnaces. The only real problem is the boiler totally quit working a week after I moved in. And the contractor that installed it keeps making nothing but excuses for not getting right out here to fix it. I relented plus ordered a temporary boiler rental while this incompetent HVAC machine dealer works on their mistakes with the existing heating machine. Since it’s the middle of the nippy season, I can’t even go a single day without a boiler regularly working or our pipes will end up freezing.

temporary boiler rental

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