The vaccination site was really warm and stuffy

My family and I waited months and months to receive the covid-19 vaccination shot.

  • We finally got our chance last weekend when the health department changed the rules.

I spent three hours online trying to make an appointment for my family and I. We had to drive 30 minutes to the next town in order to get our vaccinations quickly. I made an appointment for everyone in my family on the same day. We travel to the vaccination site. Inside the room, the temperature was very warm. In fact, the entire area was warm, humid, and stuffy. The large auditorium had almost 300 people inside and it was very difficult to social distance. I tried to find a place to sit under an AC air vent, but I couldn’t find a spot with a free seat. All of the chairs were taken by people that already received their vaccination shot. I had to stand in line with everyone else. By the time I sat down with a nurse to get stuck, I was perspiring a lot. The nurse asked if I was feeling alright and I told her that it was too hot due to the lack of air conditioning. She agreed with me and said the place was having trouble with the indoor air temperatures all morning. She apologized for the humid atmosphere and stuck a needle in my arm. After I was done, I got to sit in the air conditioned area with the rest of the folks. They made everyone sit and wait for thirty minutes after the shot so they could monitor us for side effects.


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